Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sisters' Outing

Had lunch at Noodle Station, KB Mall last Friday with the Sister & I may add that it was only my third time eating there. I've to admit when it comes to eating at unfamiliar places like this where the food served isn't really that convincing, I'd dare to risk my taste buds only if somebody's willing to pay for my shares. i.e the family. Hehe!

Biasalah student, belanjawan harus sentiasa di pantau

The Sister

I had quite hard times to choose something to feast my tummy from the menu because my mind had stubbornly refused to accept the fact that Noodle Station does offer other meals as well, bukan noodle semata-mata {Noodle Station = noodle, get it?} Dah la dah sehari tak makan nasi, perut pulak choosy habis. Ntah la ikut peel siapa dia ni. Haih!

Both of us had Tom Yam fried rice which were so yummy & highly recommended. Should have asked Dayah to eat here instead during our outing 2 days ago

Oh bulan.... i.e bulat
That's a new shawl given by my friend, Khazan for my birthday. Terimo kasih banyok-banyok Khazan! 

We spent almost an hour there that the Sister had enough time to post these to her Twitter & Fb. It was quite embarrassing & I shall take this as a public humiliation, thank you (#-.-#)

You can expect what type of comments followed by, which mostly came from our relatives & the Sister's friends. At least uploadlah gambar yang tidak menunjukkan kebesaran eye bags seperti di atas :') {walhal memang besar sokmo} In my defense, I looked all lethargic because I arrived home less than 5 hours before after spending about 10 hours in the bus 

*buat riot mempertahankan kesedapan ayam penyet Wong Solo*

What's next? Chim chum maybe? Seafood pon sodap juga but the Sister's currently down with fever & the bro-in-law is again not in the town. Sigh!

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ila ni said...

chimchum depe rumoh k'ila jah, mai lah singgoh ;)

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