Sunday, 13 February 2011

Because Colourful Things Ditch Boredom Away

I've been hearing a lot of complains from my friends that donning in black & white everyday {for the entire life it is if you choose legal profession as your source of rejeki} is quite boring, how they miss wearing colourful clothes like other ordinary people & always look forward to be & look normal & colourful during weekends


I love black & white & personally believe in a semi proven fact that people look extra cooler in that sexayy combination of colours but as a big fan of anything colourful especially bright coloured stuff like red & yellow, wearing black & white everyday is a t.o.r.t.u.r.e

 I think I know who my biggest influence is *raises eye brows at Ma at home*

Anyway, these are a few colourful things that have become my current obessesion & topped my you-are-shoo-cute-I-just-can't-stop-staring-at-youuuu list

Bought this red hot hp cover for RM10 & it looks like a bar of red chocolate to me! Yums!

My almost 3 year-old pencil case & a button given by my classmate, Atul {Tqvm!}

Colourful pens make notes look so much livelier! {tapi malas jugak nak study. Haih!} 
RM3.50 for 5, quite a bargain ey?

Because I drink almost 1L plain water every day

Might as well consider my wedding dais to be full with neon lamps & tress, colourful ballons, fake straw flowers & all -.-'


addeenazlinamohd said...

oh mai..comeynyooo casing nokia tu..
mine red too but with tanduk syaiton :p ahahha

ihsan_huhu said...

boleh kne anaphilectic shock tgk gamba2 kat atas nih

Shy said...

I never know that Kilometrico comes with that many colours. Definitely need to hunt them down!

mumet_endase said...

aku x tau pun kilomtrico ada pen warna warni. patut la aku x score time study heh

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