Saturday, 12 February 2011

Congratulations Egypt

It was around 1 am this morning when I was ready for my bed & nearly called it a day but decided to check my Twitter account for the last time & was quite surprised when I read this;

Some twits by my favourite singer, Sami Yusuf 

I was curious of course because after the mid semester break plus Chinese New Year holidays ended about a week ago, I've stopped from watching any news on tv {the tv downstairs in my college is rosak. Tsk!}. Alright, there are internet, blogs, youtube & all but I favour news broad casted on tv more than anything. 

But it's true good news often travels fast because a few seconds later, the twitter was flooded with a lot of twits mentioning on triumph of Egypt & all. Click #egypt & you can read a lot of congratulatory twits dedicated by people around the world. I was one of the them ;)

So yes, after 18 days of massive protest, Hosni Mubarak finally called it a quit yesterday & resigned as the President of Egypt after 30 years in reign. It took the Egyptians 18 days {with some people died syahid} to end the 30 years of oppression & now Allah brings them out of darkness & gives them freedom. One word, Alhamdulillah

If you've time, please spend a minute or two {or probably more} to read this post & a video on Mesir: Malaikat Hadir Bersama Rakyat written by Ustaz Halim. A few speculations made that it was merely a lens flare or fake but nothing is impossible with Allah's help ayte? Meremang bulu roma saya masa baca, MasyaAllah. Insaf mek -.-'
“Ketika Tuhan kamu mewahyukan kepada malaikat (pergilah kamu untuk bersama orang-orang beriman berjihad dan katakan kepada mereka), ‘Sesungguhnya aku bersama kamu’, dan kamu (malaikat) teguhkanlah (jiwa dan semangat) orang-orang beriman. Aku (Tuhan) akan mencampakkan ketakutan kedalam hati-hati orang -orang kafir. Kamu (malaikat) pukullah diatas leher-leher mereka. Pukullah seluruh ubuh-ubun dari kalangan mereka. Ini adalah disebabkan mereka menderhaka kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Barangsiapa yang menderhaka kepada Allah dan RasulNya, maka sesungguhnya Allah amat keras siksaan balasNya” (Surah Al-Anfaal)

I was so happy that I nearly shed some tears! Excited bangat, terus postpone waktu tidur to 4 am. Hehe!

And to know that my cousin, Ridzuan just arrived at KLIA this evening makes me even happier. Welcome home Wea! We know you missed K.Bharu like crazyyy {that explains 8 phone calls from him in the Raya morning. Hehe!} & alhamdulillah dapat balik free. Keno molek balik maso musing durie. I iz jealous

He's just 22 but why o why kelihatan semakin mature sekarang?
Alright, I just got his Malaysian no. Might as well kacau him soon

*2 minutes later*

The reply I received from him was;'Tahu mano balik?'

Like duh! Heboh 1 kampung kot beliau nak balik. That's our Wea; innocent & cute but we love him lots nonetheless. Eh lupa nak kirim souvenir from Egypt!

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no tepon dia please.ngeee

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