Monday, 7 February 2011

From 9:40 Am To 1 Am

Yesterday's journey from Kota Bharu to Shah Alam was definitely the most memorable one. Not that I bumped into somebody significant that had made me go :') nor I was left behind by the bus in the middle of nowhere but it was because of the massive jam along the way that made the supposed-to be-an-8 hour-plus-journey became a very long tiring one

Well, to add more dramas, I was destined to be seated at the furthest seat nun di hujung tanjung sana, right on top of the bus engine & guess who were sitting next to me?


3 male foreigners whom nationality I failed to discover because they talked little & I wasn't interested to eavesdrop {Hahah!}. Of course I felt so uncomfortable, not that I had anything against them {ok fine but persone non gratae should never be entertained, ok kids?} but it felt so wrong to sit that close to some strangers. Tidur memang tak lena & lagi takut when everything started to get darker & we were still stuck on the road

Ok macam ni ceritanya, kan seat belakang tu ada 4 kan. On my right, was a girl who wasn't feeling well & she slept along the journey. Pity girl. Yang belah kiri tu la 3 foreigners. Kesian juga kat dorang ni, 2 seats share 3 orang. Saya rasa dorang ni buruh binaan kot, majikan export mai KL. Tapi dorang ni behave je, saya je cuak lebih -.-'

A lesson well learned; buy a bus ticket at least a month early atau kalau tiket Air Asia tu mahai sikit, buat-buat macam tak mahai T_T

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