Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Long Pictorial Summary

In less than 24 hours, some lucky people at Kota Bharu bus station {near Tesco} would see a girl with a black & red luggage filled with a lot of junk food & a dozen of air kotak, eye bags the size of tennis balls & tudung senget-benget is struggling so hard dragging her body to get into the bus

That would be me! -.-'

Nothing's wrong with the school though, I'm proud to be a part of it  but the hardest & most loathsome is the never ending workload, headache & mounting pressure day by day. Sigh! Things we do to get that piece of paper with some skematod words printed on it but again, nothing is easy nowadays. Even a standard 1 kid has to attend tuition for the sake of being awesome & on par with other classmates

Hello Table! Do you miss me?

Oh btw, my table isn't always that messy *coughs* I was so busy {Tapi sempat lagi ber-Ym -.-'} doing my last minute Insurance Law tutorial questions but only to be informed later by Inte that the class was cancelled. Sabar je la

Anyway, for reminiscing purpose here's a pictorial summary of things I did these past 10 days. I shall warn you guys that this post would be loaded with a lot of pictures

#1. Melawat Mak Ngah & keluarga di Labok, Machang
Mak Ngah's Ma eldest sister while Ma's the youngest among 6. Seronok juga balik Machang sebab rumah Mak Ngah is up on the hill, surrounded by rubber trees & banyak pokok. Memang best untuk tidur petang, dijamin akan mencapai kepuasan tidur yang maksimum :')

Sorry, no pictures of Mak Ngah & the family sebab busy kat dapur prepare dinner & juga sibuk berperang dengan Mak Ngah's 3 grandchildren {Does make me their aunt?} yang dok main bola dalam rumah. Memang menguji kesabaran ai sebagai seorang wanita 

On our way back home

The aftermath after eating 2 pinggan nasik with budu. Kenye boyah!

#2. Menemani Cik Dayah membeli barang-barang kembali ke sekolah
Because she's just appointed to be a teacher at one primary school in Petaling Jaya & this Monday will be her first day at school! Congratulations babe & yayyy to myself as well sebab ada teman wanita awesome untuk di ajak membeli-belah & keluar berdua-duaan :')

Dayah misplaced her Tabung Haji buku akaun, untuk membuat {?} buku baru, she had to go to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri {LHDN}, beli setem hasil & yada yada yada. It was a very tiring process because we went to a wrong building instead

A shy teacher in the making

Dayah belanja-ed me pizza for brunch. Ok fine. She paid 3/4

#3. Jejak kasih dengan Anis Atikah secara tidak sengaja
It happened on the same day I teman-ed Dayah membeli belah kembali ke sekolah. Of all places, di Mydin juga kami berjumpa. Anis cakap beliau nak fly to Australia balik this Feb for her Ph.D after finishing her Honours last year. Tak sia-sia selalu buli usik Anis masa sekolah dulu. Tapi bila Anis cakap macam tu, terus rasa nak berlari keluar dari Mydin tu sebab tahap rendah diri yang melampau. Haih! But no surprise there because Anis' one smart girl & rajin, I'm so proud of her

The AJK Badri *coughs* & the prefect

#4. Adik-adik dah besar :')
Looking back at Kitty's birth report where most of her kittens died when they were still infants, we're quite grateful that these two are still alive & kicking! Walaupun berat badan sedikit menyusut kerana mengamalkan cara hidup yang sangat aktif but we're still proud of you, kiddos! Makan banyak-banyak please & stop la menyusu sebab mengikut teori saya, in a few months' time, InsyaAllah Tommy & Boy akan dapat adik(s) baru

Kembar tak seiras; Boy muka panjang & Tommy muka bulat



Tersangat aktif, nak ambik gambar pun tak boleh duduk static

#5. Jejak kasih {bahagian 2} dengan Shasha & Mc Kay
Meeting these 2 girls made me go all hyper & oh my, I feel so young! Both are among some of my close friends back in the secondary school & even after leaving school for years, they haven't changed a bit! They're hilarious, just like our good old days :D 

Qay is a Math teacher in Merlimau, Melaka while Shasha is a medic student & currently having her clinical practise in Hospital Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu

Yours truly, Qay & Shasha

#6. Merci beaucoup, ma mere
A birthday present from Ma, after I-want-these-please? *insert an image of a girl with muncung itik* pujuk-memujuk session. I always love wedges because they make me feel a few inches taller :')

The Sister thinks I've a weird taste on fashion. Oh well.. *flicks tudung kiri kanan*

#7. Majlis perkahwinan Din & Mira
Din's my maternal cousin & he's just a year older than me but jodoh beliau kahwin awal. Congratulations to both of them, especially the bride, Mira who looks so pretty! Din's definitely one lucky guy, he's better take a good care of her. I pray may their marriage be showered with a lot rezeki, love & joy, Amin...

A relative & Ma

Serious Nabil & cheeky Fara

My twin cousins, Syafiq & Shahir who are the youngest brothers of Din

Saya: Eh, muka korang ni macam ... *thinks*
Shafiq: Pemain bola sepak?
Saya: Perasannya -.-'

Welcome to our family, Mira! :D

#8. Kenduri kenduri kenduri
Ma always insists me to tag along to any relatives' kenduris sebab kalau tak, bila la nak kenal sedara-mara ye dok? I hate the bersiap part the most but thinking about the yummy lauks at kenduri makes me go crazyy! Oh come on, lauk sedap sapa tak suka?

From L to R: Ikan masin/kering, sambal, gulai cempedak {?}, gulai jantung pisang {?}, ayam masak merah, tembikai. I'm not sure of their names though but memang sedap tidak terperi

Tiba-tiba angin malas datang melanda. Maka saya sudahi post ini dengan Assalamualaikum & tqvm for reading until this part! Sungguh gigih anda semua

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