Friday, 4 February 2011

Of Being Too Ambitious {With The Kitchen Renovation}

The second kitchen {What do we call it? Dapur basah? Wet kitchen?} is currently undergoing a major renovation. Sorry, I didn't snap any picture of it because it's too sexayyyy for a public view. You know, with all the mess here & there but surprise surprise, our 4 cats seem to enjoy it very much

Anyway, here is a glimpse of what is going on;

Pasir halus, pasir kasar & batu-bata

Although the construction work just started about 4 days ago, Ma has already had in her mind what colour would be best for the wall & tiles to which was described by Abah as 'awal ginumo'. Taking into consideration that our first kitchen {Again, what do we call it? Dapur kering? Dry kitchen?} was painted green, white room can make small space looks 1758740 times bigger & being an avid fan of white deco myself, I tried to convince Ma that the whole new kitchen should be all white. Putih bersih di sukai ramai, no?

Something which may look like this;

*wipes saliva on the keyboard*

Ambitious much, I know but don't you love bright spacious cute kitchens? Saya yakin seseorang akan lebih terinspirasi untuk belajar memasak dengan lebih konsisten, tawaduk & jitu jika mempunyai dapur yang bergaya & selesa seperti di atas

Of course Ma doesn't agree with my brilliant idea. Being a mother for more than 30 years, she knows her 2 daughters inside out very well because truth be told, none of us likes to do the floor-mopping work {But seriously who does?}. Andddd having a white dapur basah would only reveal how becah the kitchen is. Hehe!

So yeah, yellow it is *yawns* I pray hard that the new kitchen would turn up to be something like this. The kitchen in the picture below looks so much like ours, tapi in term of panjang je la :P

{Pictures taken from Decocare}

1 comment:

ila ni said...

bes nyo renovate kitchen!! stuju, dapur yg bright + spacious memangkinkan keinginan untuk memasak yang sangat tinggi :D

betul doh tu definition suria tu hahah

wet kitchen = dapur kecik bsepah hasil sokmo digunakan utk memasak

dry kitchen = dapur larger yg digunakan utk makan2 dan buat nunjuk ko tetamu ;p

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