Thursday, 3 February 2011

I'm A Busy Mayor

3 days till my holidays end! *panic mode attacks* Why so fasttt? Why? Why?! *cries in the pillow'

I've been quite busy these days; meeting friends, teman-ing my family to go here & there, spending some quality times with my 4 cats which are apparently getting busier & naughtier {Citan wants a bf. Any available male persian cat out there?}, qadha-ing my sleep, emo-ing, having my hands on any Kelantanese food like there's no tomorrow, membelanjakan duit ibu bapa, menajamkan skill memasak etc. Seronok sangat cuti, tok kaba cuti seminggu jah  Feeling dia macam semester break yang panjang

Apart from that, I also keep myself very busy managing this! Tadaaa!

It was love at first sight & within the first 24 hours playing this, I already moved to level 9. Semangat much?
Tqvm Qat for the inspiration. I owe you some energy bars :')

1 comment:

Shy said...

LOL! My dear Duke is also looking for girlfriend here. How I wish that you're in KL. Here is his pic. Handsome, right? :P

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