Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I've One Big Painful Ulcer At The Tip Of My Tongue

I've 3 chapters of Insurance Law & Practice to be covered before my test this Thursday but being a person who's so good at doing things at eleventh hour, I still haven't hafal-ed anything yet. Reading, understanding, writing the notes {or more on pendekkan the notes} & memorizing are 4 different process of learning & in my case, I need to have them all combined

If you think reading law is all about hafal-ing, then you're wrong big time, ladies & gentlemen. Contrary to popular belief, law isn't all about hafal-ing & the books that we're allowed to bring in into the exam hall aren't text books but law statutes. Kalau tak baca, tak tahu nama case, tak tahu general rule(s), tak tahu authorities, tak tahu nak apply, bawak la law statute seberat 10 kg pun, tak membantu juga. Tak pasal-pasal membebel di sini sekarang


Oh, ni random thoughts now;

# Penat bangat
# Insurance Law is actually a fun yet dry subject
# I want to get married {statement biasa bila semua orang tensen belajar}
# Ulcers love me
# My eye bags are getting bigger & lebam-er. Panda-ish much
# Now I know Putrajaya & S.Alam aren't that far pun. Hehe!
# The last time I talked with my parents was last Friday. They're busy, so do I. Sigh
# Naik motor with the roommate, Huda to Pizza Hut this evening. Angin menyapu muka macam Superman, so jakun

Ignore my lament, I'm exhausted beyond any reasonable doubt

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1 comment:

Ummu said...

kuatkan semangat mu yang! study2.ngeh2.

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