Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suria Likes This

It's been a very tiring day. Went to sleep at 4 am, woke up 4 hours later to study a bit for my Insurance Law test, bersiap-ed to the 10 am class, stayed back during lunch hour, did some reading while mata tumpang sekaki tengok 'The Sisters of Travelling Pants' with some classmates & continued forcing my weary brain to stay sane until 6 pm. Patutnya malam ni ada Law of Company/Association replacement class until 10 pm but terkansel pada saat-saat akhir. We like this

Bab nak buat tutorial questions tu agak berat sikit ya? -.-'

Well, funny thing happened during Insurance Law class this evening tatkala semua dok cuak-cuak nak jawab test, when PM Ram suddenly asked us 'When did I promise you to have our test?' which had made the whole class went mute for a few seconds before we realized that she totally forgot about it. So, the test is postponed to Monday & Thursday. Hamik kau. Sekali postpone terus bagi 2 tests with an extra chapter included

Sigh! You're so cute la Madam. We love you very much

Some of my kesayangans in Insurance Law class; Mira & Inte  

Macam tak ada benda nak blog sekarang. Dah rasa dah bahang penat jadi final semester student ni though ade junior cakap why Part 6 students nampak relax gila. Dulu penat dengan mooting, Honours project paper & all yang memang buat exhaust inside out, tapi now penat otak & bukan penat fizikal lagi. Bersyukurlah, at least kita di beri nikmat belajar kan? Alhamdulillah

Take care, people & selamat malam Jumaat. Jangan lupa baca Yaasin pada yang belum :)

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ihsan_huhu said...

gle dh lame aku xbc yasin

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