Friday, 25 February 2011

A Parcel Sent With ♥

Friday has always been my favourite day of the week for some reasons & I'm glad that it's today. Yayyy! :D

Btw, I just received a parcel sent from home this evening. Don't you just love the feeling of receiving something from your loved ones, regardless of what have been wrapped inside?  can never be measured with any yardstick :) 

Gigih tak tidur pada petang Jumaat yang damai sebab nak tunggu office kat kolej bukak just to claim this!

I think Abah's handwriting is so cute; bulat-bulat je
And Abah selalu silap poskod rumah. It's 15100 instead of 16010. 16010 tu area mana entah -.-'

I told you, it's the thought that counts :')

Rindu pula kepada mereka semua 

Anyway, the Sister & Bro-in-law are now having their I-don't-know-how-many-times-already honeymoon in Vietnam since 2 days ago. Of course being a normal sibling slash the youngest sister I'm who still has to attend classes & study for never ending tests whilst her sister's having fun makan angin at tempat orang, I'm green in jealousy a bit *cries in the pillow*

But issokayyy! I've made a secret vow with Ma that we're going to Indonesia soon {InsyaAllah} come what may. The money has to be splurged on something once in a while but first, we've to start saving from now supaya tidak termengadah di kemudian hari. Simpan 50 sen per day cukup ke?

Auww! Somebody in Ho Chi Minh City's been missing me. Still have time to stalk this blog, you see? :')


yanaSham said...

kt frame tu kan...

satu kosong tu letakla pic ai
yg satu lagi gambo...ehem ehem


ihsan_huhu said...

kat umah ko byk kacang ke?

soleil_m said...

tu la. byk kot gambar kita sama2 tp yg betui2 i.e blh disentuh, ditatap & dicium xde. sobss!

gambo ehem-ehem ape nyee? :P

ade sejarah tu. kau mana tau

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