Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Food Was Yummy, Everybody Was So Happy & We Were A Bunch Of Excited Bunnies ♥

My sleeping clock has seriously gone haywire & I'm now an owl who can read, write & blog. For the past 3 weeks, I only will unite with my bed at 3 or 4 am & wake up for class 3 or 4 hours later. I don't mind staying up very late though but it would be 637253739 times better if I do something beneficial whilst burning the midnight's oil, rather than spending my time chatting on YM. Hehe!

Anyway, me & my other girlfriends managed to squeeze in some time {there's always time for free food, yes?} between our busy weekend to attend our batch mate's sister's wedding {Raden Farah} at Wisma PKPS, in front of Grand Blue Wave Hotel this evening. Thanks a lot for inviting us, Aden!

I think pastel pink wedding decoration is very nice & pretty, might as well consider it for my future wedding theme. Not that I'm going to ditch my single title soon but you get the picture ayte? :')

The celebrated ones; Dr Farah Hanum & Dr Mohd Hanif

The bride's parents; Yang Arif High Court Jugde & Datin

Sama cantik, sama padan 

The food was catered by Kuzie Catering & omg, so sedapppp! I miss its fried prawns already!

Me, at my best i.e makan time

Raden & Hafiz; next in line maybe? InsyaAllah

Us, with Raden, her youngest sister & the newly weds of course

All in all, the food was yummy, everybody was so happy & we were a bunch of excited bunnies. Alhamdulillah
Click here for more pictures. Thank you :)


addeenazlinamohd said...

OMG, love ur kafatn
tudung pink lg
naknaknaknak @.@

ihsan_huhu said...

oh. bile kenduri ko?

soleil_m said...

tqvm! :D it used to belong to my sis. my mom altered it a bit & walla, now it's mine. i think tudung pink yg bt dia capub lebih? hehe!

insyaAllah, klu ade, aku invite la ko sekali tp xtau la when T_T

akakamu said...

who ajarin lo pakai jeans ke kenduri kawin...

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