Thursday, 10 March 2011

Because We're A Bunch Of Oily Skinned Zombies

Just finished my Jurisprudence test at 9.50 pm & despite whatever marks the tutor will give me for my 4 pages of merapu-ish essay, I feel so gooooooooooooood now! No more desperate late night stay ups with numbers of mood swings & intentional absences from classes 

..... until the next International Law test in 2 weeks' time -.-'

Mr Haris distributed the test question at i-Learn at 4 pm & we had to prepare drafting the answer like maddd within 4 hours. True, it was an open book test but the answer was hidden somewhere over the rainbow. Heh!

Alright, I need to take a bath now & will off to KFC with Inte's car at 12.++ am sebab perut semua orang lapar berkeroncong, dah macam zombies dah ni. Sigh!

Kami berkawan baik sama sedarjah. Eye bags pun lebih kurang sahaja sizenya ♥ 
We stayed back at the faculty since 5 pm & muka sekarang berminyak macam jalan tar pada hari yang panas

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