Sunday, 27 March 2011

Can't Take My Eyes Off You ♥

 *wipes saliva from the keyboard*

I once told myself that I've had enough of long sleeve shirts in my humble wardrobe. Literally, it means that I'm in desperate need of some new decent blouses which must be labuh enough to cover yang sepatutnya & not to forget, loose

But it's not an easy task though. Sobs!

Post ini memang tiada motif yang tertentu sekadar ingin memberitahu saya suka baju di atas. No matter how much I've been trying to deny the fact that I'm a pink lover ab initio, the truth often speaks for itself. So, thanks Ma for the bona fide influence  At least, it's a proof that deep down inside I'm still girlish that way. Auww! :')


ihsan_huhu said...

xcu pon. mcm bj p motong getah je aku tgk

Ummu said...

huhu yang cantik baju tu.brand ape?

soleil_m said...

taste ko kan minah2 oz xckp kain :-"

topshop. jom jom ayam penyet! {tibe2}

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