Saturday, 5 March 2011

Of Ani's Birthday

It was Ani's birthday last Thursday & despite kepala berat, eye bags besar lagi hideous, we managed to have a simple birthday bash at Pizza Hut, Sect 7 just to celebrate her being officially a year older that day

To Miss Ani Ismail, we wish you a lot of happy days ahead with barakah showered by Him & dipermudahkan segala urusan now & hereafter. Thank you for being such a cool classmate & our awesome hero tatkala semua orang diam seribu bahasa semasa disoal oleh lecturers. Hahaha!

Last but not least, we you  Ani! *big sloppy kisses & bear hugs from Group F people*

The celebrated one; Miss Ani Ismail

Selamat hari Sabtu, kawan-kawan. Take care :)


ihsan_huhu said...

fuh. tudung ko paling happening

soleil_m said...

kan kan kan? hahaha!
tibe2 aku rs mcm tadpole. dang!

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