Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nama Ganas Tapi Dalam Hati Ada Taman ♥

Jambu kan mereka semua, especially yang berbaju pink itu i.e Domestic Violence Act 1994
Nama ganas tapi dalam hati ada taman 

I'll be sitting for my first Family Law 11 test tomorrow at 10+ am. Meanwhile for the time being, these 2 text books & 3 law statutes are my instant buddies. We've been so close, our love-hate relationship is so intense that it turns me into an incapacitated person inside out. So grumpy lately. Sigh!

All the best to all Group D,E & F people. InsyaAllah we can nail it down :)

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aisha maisara said...

Try view my blog.. Tq :)

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