Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Day I Felt So Young

...because my 9 year-old niece {her mother, K'Ti is my cousin. So that makes me her aunty right?} said 'hi' to me a few times at fb & invited me for a video chat a few days ago. Yayy!

And the fact that kami ber'awak-saya' {though I'm a decade + a few years older than her *coughs*} makes me feel so young! Auww! Sega selaluhhh ambo raso! :') But I wonder, what would she think if she gets to meet me in real life now? Mungkin dari 'saya-awak' akan berubah 'makcik/aunty-saya'. Sigh!  

Since K'Ti & the family moved to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras {and recently staying in Kedah} a few years ago, I rarely get to see them & the last time I met Nabilah was 2 years ago I think? It was during Raya & Nabilah brought along her Persian cat to our house because she was a cat maniac that way. Hahah! Comel betui perangai beliau

Nabilah & her furry friend

Her latest picture, so cheeky. I'm in 


Ummu said...

comel nye dieww....heheh

ihsan_huhu said...

fuh. mcm berpotensi besar je nih

soleil_m said...

kan kan kan? gebu je pipi. huhu!

lol! her eldest sis is 19 or 20 y.o klu x slp

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