Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dam Dam Dum

I'm missing those carefree days when I've nothing disturbing my time to laze around the cyber space. But a student got to do what she should do right? As much I hate the pressure I've to bear waiting for this final exam to finish this May 10 & taste an interim freedom for 4 months {InsyaAllah}, I'll try to be positive, instead of complaining & whining here & there

Tu tak termasuk emo tak pasal-pasal. Maafin kepada yang terkena tempiasnya, my bad. Huhu!

Anyhow, some random pictures

What I've for my breakfast since a week ago; a mug of hot Perl Kacip Fatimah with Pama Bihun. Such unhealthy fuels to start my day, I knowww but I've no choice *cries* 

Kadang-kadang kalau tak lapar sangat, I'll have a bowl {sometimes two *coughs*} of corn flakes. Ok la, yang ni menyihatkan sikit

#familylaw #ftw #muhasabahdiri

Uncle K Nasi Kandaq is the best I ever had so far! *drools* *wipes off* I'm so going to miss the crunchy ayam goreng & papadom

His name is Cookie Monster, in case you never watched Sesame Street

Tempting much, no?

Last but not least, International Law 11, bring it on! {walhal tengah mengigil sebab banyaknya kena baca & hafal, ya Allah! T_T}


ihsan_huhu said...

miralulalallalang motivator abes

yanaSham said...

cutenya c.m, pelukkan bg pihak!heh

{she-who-must-not-be-named} said...

good luck sue :))

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