Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I'm supposed to continue revising, studying, hafal-ing & panicking over my Family Law notes now but study all day long spells no fun right? Plus, cannot study long-long oneee, it's past asar already & blogging via hp seems so hip #sayajakun 

Random facts during study leave; 

1. I studying in a bright room with all windows wide open. Dark room makes me feel dizzy 

2. I prefer to study alone. Not that I don't believe in the benefits of having study group though, I just find it more effective this way. But once I locate myself among my learned & rajin friends, I tend to ask a lot of questions including some unrelated nonsense ones. Heh!

3. I eat a lot when I'm stressed & that explains my current weight. I've never been this berat in my entire life because my normal weight is usually 40, 41 & 42 kg. So the moment the jarum penimbang showed 44 kg, I wanted to scream my lungs out! I'm no longer Petite Soleil, Grande Soleil is my new name. Tsk!

4. I easily get pissed off when somebody disturb my privacy. For instance, the roommate came back from the library just now & I feel totally annoyed walhal dah nama share bilik, biarlah dia nak balik pong. Nama lagi roommate -.-' Sorry, blame the unstable hormones

5. I drink Perl Kacip Fatimah like there's no tomorrow. Nescafe is a big NO 

6. I've been sleeping on my laptop since saturday. Bantal saya over lembut & lembik, so dengan meletakkan laptop di bawal bantal membantu ketebalannya. Sorry laptop jika awak berasa terabai. After exam nanti kita unite balik ok? 

7. Mengantok la pulok 

8. #imissbudu #ibudu

9. Adalah perkara biasa jika tidur disulami dengan mimpi tentang buku yang di baca. Kind of a wake up dream slash a pushy reminder yang awok tak habis study lagi. Maka, bangunlah

10. I just wasted about 10 minutes typing this. Browsing internet with Mini Opera is so awesome #jakun. Tapi sebab tak boleh edit, terpaksa juga on laptop #fail



ihsan_huhu said...

44kg? gile tuh berat bersih ke berat xbape bersih?

Ummu said...

tell me about it yang. rasa nak pecah jantung aku ni memikirkan fmly law.

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