Thursday, 21 April 2011

A 9 Hour Reunion Between A Tiring Body & Tempting Bed

I've about 1846739467 of facts, authorities/sections & cases to hafal before my first paper tomorrow afternoon but still have time to main-main here. And did you know that I slept like a log from 9 pm something to 6 am something & woke up feeling so grumpy & gelabah? Of course you didn't know! I know that I shouldn't have slept that long but my tired body couldn't take it anymore & it needed rest too ayte?

And my weary mind won't be in peace until I edited the blog header with something exam related. Hence, above header with a message "Marilah kita berskema-skemaan. Skematod mode: ON"

{HKSBP Zon Timur at SEMSAS, Kuantan}
Once upon a time when I was 16; young, innocent & skematod. Lol!

All the best & good luck to BLS {Hons} Class of 2011 for our Family Law paper. May Allah help, guide us thorough & ease any difficulty & hardship, Amin..


ihsan_huhu said...

siapakah mr kelawar? adakah tuan blog akan membuat blog yang baru lg?

ila ni said...

hahahah skematod!! lamo tok dengarpkataan tu hahahaihh... zaman skolah... rindu yg amat.

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