Saturday, 14 May 2011

Adakah Abe Lee Min Ho Masih Kekal Unggul?

Did you realize that Blogspot decided to have it's own 'me' time yesterday which had made us unable to log in to our Dashboard & continue our 'I-stalk-thou' activity the whole day? Oh well, not that I had anything interesting so urgent to share, so I better hold my tongue from giving any further comment ayte? Hehe!

Anyway, cuti has been treating me so fine. The family is doing good, so do the cats. Kelantansese sedap & awesome food never failed me & I'm yearning for more durianssss now. Man, now baru perasaan saya ni pengemar durian rupanya. The imported durians {from Siam/Thailand} are the best y'all, isi dia pejal gila. Local durian cannot lawan la I think? Tapi natijahnya ialah tidur dalam kepanasan la malam tu & lepas makan durian tu macam pening-pening sikit. My body is so weak, I need to exercise more -.-'

Oh, some TM Net guys came to our house 2 days ago to instal that WiFi thingy. So, bye-bye Streamyx modem, welcome WiFi & thank you very much Kakak. Hehe! Might as well consider watching some good Korean movies at or later. Drama/movie apakah yang terhangat di pasaran sekarang? Adakah Abe Lee Min Ho masih kekal unggul?

Cuti-cuti ni banyak betul waktu lapang kan? Usya website baju from Turkey pun bolehhhhh although I'm a total Turkish illiterate. The designs are quite gorgeous except the materials used may not be suitable for hot & sweaty Malaysian weather. Tapi muda-mudi sekarang ini macam selamba rock je pakai jaket kulit di bawah sinar terik matahari. Mungkin di dalam permukaan jaket itu depa tampal banyak-banyak cool fever supaya meresap haba

Click here for Kayra Facebook fan page or here for its official website

Orang cakap, orang lawa pakai apa pong lawa kan? Alright, now I've a BIG doubt that a petite 155 cm girl woman would look as good as those gorgeous Turkish models donning in clothes that will fork out my 1-year allowance. Muka pure Melayu plus Kelate somemore plus with budu as the favourite food topping out anything in this whole wide world, memang I cannot say anything la to defend myself. Lol!

I alwaysTurkish scarves although you've got to have a high level of patient & skill to put them still on your head. Some pins are also required, tapi biasanya lepas adjust 5 minit depan cermin, tapi hasil masih tidak memberangsangkan, terus campak ke tepi & kembali kepada tudung bawal

 The day my Turkish scarf was behaving so well. Kalau tak, macam sarang tebuan bergerak lagaknya

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ihsan_huhu said...

marilah kita pergi turkeyyyyyy!!

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