Sunday, 15 May 2011

Budu Land vs Spice & Saree Land

Honestly, I wasn't a bubbly friendly student during my 5 years spent at the boarding school. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a nerd neither {a bit maybe, especially during the first 3 years there. I was so naive!} but I didn't know what had led me to being such a naive girl. Maybe not that naive but you get the idea ayte?

Suddenly flashing back all those good bitter old days makes me so emo. I should have done better in school but sorry, chemistry & add math were really not my things. Let just say, we're not destined to be together. Hehe! *escapes liability*

Panjang la pulok mukadimahnya, walhal nak cakap petang tadi jumpa one of a few juniors yang saya rapat masa kat sekolah dulu. Meet my sister from another parents & clan, Izzati Raimi!

Talking to her brother on the phone & playfully lied to him that she was having lunch with her bf named Su aka Suhaimi. What a manipulation of my name! -.-'

Atie is currently in Malaysia for her 2 weeks of semester break. She had spent a week earlier in Australia before kembali ke tanah tumpah darah tercinta, Pulai Chondong, Kelate, will leave for Bangalore, India tomorrow morning & will fly back to Malaysia for her brother's wedding in 2 weeks' time

Is a medical student always this rich? :P

We spent about 5 hours together talking about life in general, from our recent updates on lives & stuff, the past & present & also a bit on the plans in the future, InsyaAllah. Of course pertemuan tidak akan lengkap tanpa makan-makan & although Atie insisted to pay the lunch, rasa macam kesian pulak tengok junior kesayangan ni bayar sorang-sorang :') Walaupun Atie is the one who's going to leave Budu Land, awat mek pulak yang hoverrr sangat shopping bagai ni y'all?

Have a safe journey to Land of Spices & Sarees, Atie. Panjang umur kita jumpa lagi, InsyaAllah. I you so much! *wipes tears & blows nose*

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