Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Because Yesterday Was Her Day

This is one day delay *blames Insurance Law 11 paper* but the Mother's day shouldn't only be celebrated on the first Monday in May ayte? :D So, ...

Happy Mother's Day to Hajah Rahimah Awang Noh! ♥ 

Thank you a lot for all your good deeds in catering our needs, looking after us from very hapless fetuses until now, keeping us on the track with all the reminders & nasihat, accepting our flaws, layan-ing our ngadaness {Kakak especially. Lol!}, being our no 1 critic, pakar motivasi, The Red Warrior fanatic fan, the Malaysian badminton team outstanding supporter, pakar cinta, perunding fasyen & a long list of things a dedicated mother will do. Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart, Ma

We you so much :')

You've been holding the 'Ma' title for 30 years plus already but oh may, where do all the semangat & energy come from? MasyaAllah. All your jasa couldn't be measured with any yard stick nor grades but me & Kakak will try our best to serve you the best we could, InsyaAllah. Nanti Sue balik kito gi make besar-besar ok? *counts money in the purse*

Sincerely from;
 Haji Muhammad Dollah
Muhamad Anuar Ismail & Masleza Muhammad
Suria Muhammad
Kitty + Odie + Citan + Boboy + 2 unnamed kittens

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ihsan_huhu said...

pakar cinta but sadly not inherited

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