Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nur Alia Sofia Mohd Hairi Amin

Rajin pulak nak berblog taim-taim macam ni walhal study baru sejengkal. Oh well, creative juice flows at its best now, I couldn't tahan

Anyway, I've an announcement to make! *clears throat*

Congratulations to my dearest cousin, Anis Nawi for her newborn! The 3.8 kg healthy cute baby girl's name is Nur Alia Sofia Mohd Hairi Amin & was born on 22 April 2011 at Hospital Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu. Alhamdulillah & yayyy to the Ummi & baby! :D

I fall in with Baby Alia {that's her nickname I think, although Kakak insists to call her Baby Sofia. Tapi we already have 3 Alias in Pak Cu Lah clan, tidak akan ada ke-confuse-an kah pada masa hadapan?} the first time I saw her pictures at her uncle's fb. Homai, so chubby! I feel like biting her pipi alive!

Hurm, maybe I should call the latest Alia as Baby Alia 111

  Day 2: Sungguh suci murni di sukai ramai :')
 Day ?: Getting comel-er. Auww!

 Day 12: Look at her dagu! Dagu berlapik homaigod! I've a fan! {inside joke between me & Mr Akamarud. And oh, Mira Lululala also! Lol!} Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi ayte? Hehe! And the chubby legs, sungguh sedap jika dapat di gigit

I spent my childhood growing up together with Anis as she's among a few female maternal cousins I've living next to my house. Growing up with many male cousins at my age wasn't an option though, what's more with being a bully victim 6 days per week *cries* but look, I survived!
So, bila tengok Anis bertukar status from an innocent girl, to quite a bright student at USIM {so rajin my cousin, unlike me. Huhu!}, someone's fiancee & wife & currently proudly holding a title to a very cute baby girl, makes me feel so terharu :')

 During her wedding somewhere in 2010

Me with the second Alia during Anis' wedding. Look at Alia's hand membetulkan kedudukan dagu Aqil. Lol!

Dear Baby Alia 111, please don't grow up too fast okay? {or should I say, jangan bangun lewat malam or awal pagi kerap sangat asking for milk from your Ummi. Kesian her. Hehe!} Please wait for Cik Sue to balik & cubit your pipi. Lepas ni mesti awak nak ikut Abi awak balik Kem Sungai Besi kan? Huhu!

Btw, my female cat, Kitty also gave birth to 4 kittens last week tapi macam biasalah, now 2 ekor je tinggal. Kepada 2 ekor kittens yang berjaya survive, congratulations kiddos! Hold on, please don't die {yet?}, wait for your super nice nanny to come home. i.e me B-)

Macam ada telepathy pulak, tiba-tiba Kakak hantar mms the 2 kittens sedang mengerumi {?} their mama, yakni Kitty. Caption mms itu berbunyi 'Hai mama sue'
I thought everybody would have forgotten that nickname. But yeah, like I told you, I'm my cats' nanny. I feel so awesome now!

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