Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cikgu Dayah Kesayangan Saya ♥

This is a belated birthday shout out to my best friend of 11 years whose birthday I won't easily forget! Why you ask?

Because Nur Hidayah Aminuddin was born on the day where all teachers were so busy singing 'Kami Guru Malaysia' on the stage, receiving presents penuh 1 kereta & being celebrated like YBs. And now, 2 decades & 4 years later, she's become a garang teacher herself! Woot woot!

I wonder if she even plans to get married on the same day as well? So triple celebration it would be. Pity whoever the hubby is, banyok pitis keno spend ni. Hehe!

Iklan: Honestly, I do think that teachers deserve to get a day break on May 16. Why do they still need to go to school on the day they're celebrated? Shouldn't we just let them rest at home instead? Righttt? Eh, why suddenly am I so semangat?

Tak sah kalau tak upload gambar favourite saya, the picture which I'll bring wherever I go selagi hajat dikandung badan {insyaAllah} because I'm cheesy that way :')

16 year-old us; young & innocent. Hehe!

Akhir kalam, happy belated birthday to you, Dayah! I you so much beyongg eni risonabel daubbb! Kamon kamon, jangan segan-segan buat majlis sambutan hari jadi kat Sunway Pyramid!

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