Monday, 16 May 2011

Cikgu/Cikgi . Teachers . Ustaz/Ustazah . Les Professeurs

Today is Teachers' Day ayte?

I shall thank the pioneer(s) behind this awesome celebration because if it wasn't because of him/her coming out with the brilliant idea of marking 16 May as the official day to appreciate all the good deeds our teachers have done to us, we would probably find some difficulties to reveal the inner soft side of us. Hehe! :')

Imagine world without Teachers' Day, we would probably have to flip through the calendar to find a special date to give our teachers cards & presents. And for someone as shy *coughs* as me *coughs*, we would probably won't zahirkan our gratefulness till the day we die. Maybe before exam tu ade la salam-salam minta ampun maaf, kalau tak, ku kenang jasamu dalam doaku sahaja la kot yang mampu? Huhu!

Although none of my teachers reads my blog {I can assure myself on this}, tapi nak juga wish Happy Teachers' Day to all devoted people who have contributed a lot to my life, directly or indirectly. They are from; *drums roll*

# My first teachers ever, my Ma {so garang you know? Hehe!} & Abah
# Taski At-Tarbiyyah
# Tadika Pihamar Datuk Hj Abdul Nasir
# Pok Li, my cikgu mengaji
# Sek Keb Tiong
# Pusat Tusyen Institut Latihan Cemerlang & Pusat Tusyen Kami
# Sek Men Sains Pasir Puteh {SciPP}
# Penang Matriculation College
# Lecturers at UiTM Kedah during my Pre Degree Law
# Lecturers at Faculty of Law, UiTM S.Alam
# Pakcik Kamal at Akademi Memandu Kota Raya for patiently teaching me how to drive till I received my driving license last December. Hehe!

Tidak dilupakan juga, my dear batchmates & friends di mana jua anda berada yang berkongsi ilmu tak kiralah dalam apa hal hatta tarian cacing sekalipun

Speaking of tarian cacing; Ummu, I miss seeing you in that pink swimming suit! Hafsah cakap awak dah beli yang baru? Cis, dah pandai berenang ke awok eyy?! Nanti saya nak tengok awak swim la nanti. Hahaha!

Alamak, tersasar dari landasan yang sebenar but yes, thank you very much to all people listed above & those yang tak terlist. Jasa baik anda, hanya Allah dapat membalasnya  

Sincerely from,

6 year-old 'don't-mess-with-me' me. Xoxo!

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Cik Fia said...

wow.lain gile muke x sme je..

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