Sunday, 1 May 2011

Of Kate & Will Fever

So, everybody is still with the Kate & Will fever?  

I was among one of those uncool people who didn't watch it live on tv or internet because I had my third paper yesterday evening & watching tv at eleventh hour can be considered as a BIG sin for someone who still has a chapter to hafal in the morning a few hours before the paper itself

And maybe the fact that he would never be mineeee & other girls as well but Kate made me feel less excited?! *cries*

Apparently, everybody looks good when they're young *coughs*

Anyhow, thanks Youtube, & lots of Kate & Will's royal wedding pictures that are available on the internet. At least, I know some of the trivias like Kate did her own make up {simple yet nice. Looking natural doesn't harm ayte?}, some of William's ex-girlfriends came during the akad nikah, Prince Charles made jokes on his son's thinning hair etc etc

Read them here, here or here, if you're rajin

 This 8 tier-cake has made my tummy hums even louder

But deep down inside I know, nothing can beat Diana, Kate's late mother-in-law's wedding. The true legend of the century she is. Her wedding grow is definitely to die for!

 The most beautiful English woman I've ever seen :')


Really the wedding gown! Can I have one similar to that for wedding soon? Huhu!

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ihsan_huhu said...

the most beautiful? u havnt seen anything yet

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