Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 4 - Something You'd Like To Do Again

It's my old favourite past time during primary school {because I cycled to school since I was in standard 3} which is cycling! Even after all those years, I still have a great passion in cycling & can't take my eyes off any cyclist I see on the road!

Now, where has Abah kept my bicycle?

I miss cycling with my other peeps from UiTM Cycling Club every Saturday morning although we usually cycled around UiTM only & before that ada sesi membaiki any broken bicycles at Pusat Sukan UiTM {yeah yeah! We were so hip like that!}. The satisfaction, adrenaline rush, angin menderu ke arah muka & happy sweat oozed are beyond words to describe, I tell you. Perasaan masa naik basikal tu macam terbang! It screams the word F R E E D O M ! 

For further info, maybe you can ask Ihse Huhu

And who would forget {at least for us girls *kenyit mata at Mira*} our cycling trip to UiTM Puncak Perdana & the aku-rela-baca-cases-daripada-penat-macam-ni-*cries* treasure hunt at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah in 2010? 

Would definitely do that again in the future if I've the chance, time & *coughs* tenaga, InsyaAllah :)


mira zakaria said...

miss KKM-u know who-woot woot!

tho i still feel guilty we lost his helmet

ihsan_huhu said...

ceh aku naik beskal hari2 xdek plak feeling mcm ko nih terbang bagai

soleil_m said...

kannnn? sedih aku tgk dia dok cari byk2 kali kt pusat sukan tu :'( kalau la helmet tu harga rm2 seketul surely, we can share to buy a new oneee!

awas! tahap ke-freedom-an kau telah tepu!

yanaSham said...

uihhh, mcm gambar sy jep tuuuu.ngeeeee

soleil_m said...

opkos gambar kamu ;)

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