Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 3 - The Cast From Your Favorite Show

How come you don't love this funny sengau stylish nanny? Her jokes never failed me yet! :D

On a different note, welcome home to my cousin Affan! WoohOo! He was away studying in Yaman for about 2 years since he was 14, back in Malaysia to sit for his SPM next year & will probably leave for Al-Azhar University soon after  

 I pray his future wife is Malay though, not someone from Yaman or Egypt
Takut tok larat Pok Cu Loh clan nok gi belarok sebab jauh sangat. Huhu!

Affan lives less than 100 metre away from my house tapi till now I haven't seen him yet & only knew about his arrival from another cousin, Wea via Fb chat last night. As if it wasn't enough, yang duduk dekat-dekat ni tak de sapa pun cakap pasal Affan balik. Wea yang nun jauh di Cairo sana juga yang jadi informer

Adakah saya umpama katak di bawah tempurung? -.-'


Anonymous said... tahu ko?wakaka..i tahu sblm i g penang lg tauu

soleil_m said...

nobody informed meeeeeeeeeee! >:-(

ihsan_huhu said...

angkat mek arab r. pergh!

Diyana said...

Val/Niles: Do you understand what he said?

:: the French tutor said j'adore ::

Fran: Of course I know what it is. It' shut the door!!!!

I love Fran. You know what, they shouldn't turn Hallmark to Diva Universal. I miss the Nanny, Mystery Woman, Mc Bride and Midsomer murders.

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