Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 2 - A Picture Of You & The Person You Have Been Closest With The Longest

The closest person I've been the longest without doubt is;

 My Ma, Hjh Rahimah Awang Noh  

I may not be the epitome of legendary anak bongsu, but anak bongsu is still anak bongsu regardless of how independant she's been trying to be. Lol! We argue & merajuk with each other sometimes {and I honestly feel bad about it. Huhu!} but one can't deny the love & bond of a mother to her child. She's one the most patient people I've met, what's more with my degil-ness & anak bongsu syndromes & the one who still treats me like a child; giving constant reminders of solat & akhirat, asks {or more like paksa} me to read religious books during my free time {the latest one is 'Malam Pertama Di Alam Kubur', given to me 2 days ago tapi belum terusik nampaknya. Huhu!}, prays & makes doas when I've exams or quizzes

A mother's instinct is like a sensitive radar, it knows what her child/childen are up to, hence I'm pretty confident to admit that I've nothing to hide from her. Ok la, almost. Hehe!

Thank you very much Ma for all your love, guidance, doas & belief you've in me. I know you're not satisfied with my result {so I am} but hopefully when you & Abah see me on the stage receiving my first law degree scroll this October will make both of you proud with me :')

Is getting Second Class Upper is not good enough? Ok la kan? First class tu susah sangat la, tak terjangkau oleh tangan ini but I promise I'll work harder for LL.B {Hons}, InsyaAllah!

Tiba-tiba post ni jadi macam Grammy Award's speech -.-'


ihsan_huhu said...

fullamak power ah ko

soleil_m said...

noooooo, result aku so-so je. but alhamdulillah T_T

anis shafikah said...

congrates to cik biskut waaaaahhh!seronoknya nak jumpa hajah rahimah yang keibuan dengan odie tuuu hehe!memang oct ni eh convo kita?eksaited!

HaWa DArLidA said...

2nd upper is good thou. congrats suriaa =))

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