Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 1 - A Picture Of Yourself With Fifteen Facts

After procrastinating a bit {nothing new about it. Hehe!} & persuasion {or more like challenges? :P} from Mira Lululala, the 30 day photo challenge is finally on! :D 

I'd like to apologize in advance for I find listing down all 'about me' is rather awkward, hence the caca-merba & obliviously known facts. Lagipun, ada ke orang nak tau? -.-'

Ok, here we go! Bismillah.. 

{June 10, 2011, at Surau Rabiatul Adawiyah, SciPP. Credits to Roza} 

#1 My full name as stated on my i/c is Suria Binti Muhammad. According to my Ma, she was so close to name me as 'Marzihan' or something like that as my other 2 elder sisters' names start with 'M'

#2 Why Suria then? Because I was born at 6.45 am, masa tu kan matahari baru nak keluar. Yeah, as simple as that nama saya di beri. Huhu! 

#3 I spent most of my childhood years with my male cousins {5 of them to be exact} & that explains why I acted so ganas sometimes. Masa kecik-kecik dulu ada la main masak-masak, tapi most of the time berakhir dengan gaduh-gaduh sebab budak-budak lelaki mana suka main masak-masak & kahwin-kahwin

#4 Masa saya darjah 6, saya bercita-cita nak jadi saintis sebab masa tu masuk Kuiz Sains Angkasa. Masa saya darjah 6 juga, saya pernah dapat title & badge 'Johan Matematik' semasa perhimpunan hari Ahad sebab selalu dapat highest for maths tapi now? :P   

#5 I'd like to travel to Egypt someday! Amin..

#6 I've sweet tooth sebab sokmo craving for something sweet like chocolate & cake. Orang selalu cakap Kelantaneses suka makan yang manis-manis, so it does make sense! 

#7 My height is 155 cm & my weight tersangat la senang untuk naik & turun. There was a time when I gained 2 kilos in 1 day, lepas tu back to normal weight. I'm currently 40 kg, walhal awal cuti hari tu {which started a month ago} berat saya adalah 44 kg. Je suis petite mais j'ai gros app├ętit!

#8 I rarely watch tv. Astro channels yang saya selalu tonton adalah Astro Oasis {Ma's influence}, AFC & History Channel. I'm such a boring person, you can tell. Nur Kasih & Nora Elena pun saya belum pernah tengok

#9 Saya juga tidak pernah menonton wayang. Terima kasih kepada Kakak kerana selalu menjadi pembekal DVDs. Movies terakhir yang saya tonton adalah Rio & Life As We Know. Now I've 7 DVDs lying so voguely on my bed waiting for their turn 

#10 I love bright colours & most of my baju kurungs are pink. I love wedges & I rarely buy shoes without having my Ma as my advisor {apart from she pays for them most of the times. Hehe!}

#11 I've been playing The Sims since I was 17. The most addicted part of this game is the home decor which contributes 99% as to why I stick to this game! Don't you just love decorating your dream house without any financial constraint? Thanks to cheat code! :D

#12 I've a low level of self confidence which turns me into a shy person sometimes. Nonetheless, I love making new friends & traveling

#13 My favourite sports are berlari {does it count?} & cycling. I also used to play chess as well {tapi dah berapa tahun ni tak main} & I'm bad at any game with numbers or money related such as Saidina -.-'

#14 I always want to become an archaeologist {I love ancient history to the hardcore} & reading law is the closest I could get. Tapi malas baca cases, so how brown cow?

#15 I don't have any specific criteria in finding my future husband *coughs* but I like smart guys with a sense of humour. A pair of mata sepet is always a bonus :) 


ihsan_huhu said...

nasib baik xberanak time banjir

yanaSham said...

44kg jah....better mu make banyok cket karbohidrat k.hahahaha

soleil_m said...

kalau beranak time banjir, mungkin aku akan bernama banjira muhammad. Lol!

masalohnye yana, muko aku ni naik skt mesti napok selaluhhh chubby. mung xpo la tinggi & selim. huhu!

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