Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dear Heart, I Hope You're Doing Ok Inside

UiTM S.Alam Law Faculty
  Bachelor of Legal Studies {Hons}, Class of 2011

So, the most-awaiting result will be out tomorrow

Unlike those days where checking out the result at congested UiTM Student Portal was like fighting at the battle field {minus the oozing blood here & there} which most of the time turned the I-am-so-scared-to-see-my-result!-Can-I-just-skip-this-part? feeling to +@#$%$%^! language {pardon moi for the foul words}, the result will be sent directly to our e-mail tomorrow morning

I don't know what my heart feels now but one thing for sure, I'm not feeling confident. Heck, since when la mek ada tahap keyakinan yang tinggi? Biasanya the night before the result out, saya tidur awal & woke up as early as I could. Excited to see my own result? Tak lah. Nak tengok result cepat-cepat supaya I could stop the loud thumping beat of my heart. Debaran di dada sampai ke telinga. Did you ever experience that?

Ya Allah, permudahkan urusan kami, Amin & InsyaAllah.. Whatever my result would be, saya redha :)


Cik Fia said...

gud luck babe!

tape. redha je.. kita dah usaha.. :)

soleil_m said...

@cik fia
tqvm cik fia! u too! ;D

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