Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 8 - Your Hero / Knight

My hero isn't an anime character nor any pemimpin negara nor any macho tv drama actor but he's the man I've known since the first day I was brought into this world

Please give a round of big applause to my all time hero slash my savior during rainy days slash my companion when I'm too takut to go to kitchen at night tapi nak jugak goreng fries slash my Abah, Hj Muhammad b. Dollah!

{December 2009}
During Majlis Kesyukuran a day after my parents arrived from hajj

I know we celebrated Father's Day 2 days ago but I purposely put my Father's Day Grammy Award-ish speech on hold because I believe appreciation shouldn't only be shown on any specific day. I'm not against the idea of celebrating any special day commercially though, don't get me wrong please? Hehe!

So, happy belated Father's Day Abah! I know you're too cool for internet {except for youtube. Hehe!} & me on the other hand, am too shy to wish you out loud, but I hope this will be a living proof that I love you with all my heart. Because we're so much like a traditional family where declaring love openly is so not our custom, so the only time that I could give you hugs & kisses on pipi is whenever I'm about to leave home for UiTM

But I'm really not looking forward for that though. Maybe sebab itu lah pencarian kerja juga tidak di lakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh sebab nak duduk rumah je & kedua-dua ibu bapa sungguh pemurah menghulurkan duit setiap kali anak bongsu ingin keluar rumah berjumpa kawan-kawan :D

If I'm asked to describe Abah in a short essay, I think I'd start on how I see him in general. Abah's a man with a few words & even when we have guests at home, it always Ma who does most of the talks. Saya rasa, orang lelaki dewasa mostly macam tu kot? They talk a few but observe a lot

Come to think about it, it's a total contradiction with us, women because we talk a lot, observe a lot & eat a lot as well! Lol! *gives some sloppy kisses to all awesome women in this world*

Oh, I've this one weird habit of seeing my parents off to the masjid every freaking day! I'll secretly hide behind windows & see them walking or naik motor sampailah kelibat mereka hilang di mata. I've been doing this since I was so small & I think maybe sebab kecik-kecik dulu jarang ada chance nak ikut dorang pergi masjid, so dapat tengok dorang pergi masjid pun jadi lah

Tapi bila dewasa ni, bukan kemain kauuuu malas nak pergi masjid. Ada je alasan kan? Baiklah, I'll try make myself available for Subuh berjemaah next time, InsyaAllah. Abah must be proud of me. Tadi bila beliau tahu saya qadha puasa pn, beliau cakap 'Wah puasa ke?' {setelah di alih bahasa ke bahasa melayu standard}. See see? Sungguh supportive Abah saya ♥ 

Atau mungkin itu hanyalah sindiran halus? -.-'

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