Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 9 - The Person(s) Who Has Gotten You Through The Most

Another tiring day {because I'm getting older! *cries*}, hence a short entry. Mungkin juga penangan hari jumaat walaupun saya tidak nampak apakah signifikasinya di situ

So, these are persons who have gotten me through the most;

Fiverz #0004 of SciPP

A bunch of fun & cool sisters that I got to spend my 5 critical teenage years with & have molded me to be what I'm now. Although we've gone through separate ways now; some are already married & have babies, some are doing Master's Degree or PhD, some are doing good at jobs, some have changed while some aren't etc, at the end of the days, these are people who I keep turning to

... and also these awesome people;

{Black Tie Event, April 2011 at Shah Alam Convention Centre}
Bachelor of Legal Studies {Hons} Class of 2011

My Part 6 classmates, Group F!

I must admit that Part 6 was the hardest semester amongst my 3 years of my first law degree. There were times I felt like giving up & almost lost faith in myself {self-created dilemma. What's else? Lol!}. The pressure was too much sometimes that I was so scared that I might fail & have to extend another semester or alternatively, sit for a supplementary paper. I couldn't thank you enough to each & everyone of them; informative yet fun presentations {especially on Jurisprudence 11 & Insurance Law & Practice 11}, share notes yang banyak sampai ada yang tak sempat usik pun, majlis makan-makan with lecturers etc. And of course to our dedicated lecturers as well, dari zaman Pre Degree Law till now

These people had helped me a lot to get through hard times with ease, made reading law seemed so fun {not during stressful weeks with mountain-hight assignment} & painted my 3 years of BLS' life beautifully instead of sombre & serious black & white

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