Thursday, 30 June 2011


A very interesting fb note posted by my former lecturer, Mr N {he taught me Constitutional Law 11 during my first year} which I think is worth sharing. Thank you very much Sir for always being different, you will always be remembered ;)


fadzioriq said...

eh share post tuh kat aku~nk post sumwhere~hehehe

Fitri Ezwan said...


kadang-kadang lelah juga apabila terpaksa terperangkap dalam suasana pro-G dan anti-G.

soleil_m said...

ade je kt wall fb aku. blh share kt situ. and do u know who alang ahmad is? ;)

so true doc. all we want is just a country which really practice a clean democracy, without 'crowning' certain ppl with certain benefits

ihsan_huhu said...

maybe bn should change instead being so bitchy

soleil_m said...

they should really have

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