Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mari Berpuasa

You probably can tell that I'm slowly losing interest in that 30 Day Photo Challenge. Lol! But you can't blame me! I've lots of things to do ok? That includes having & looking after 9 cats & kittens which is not an easy task either! And the fact that berpuasa for 2 days straight lagi la rasa malas nak menghadap laptop lama-lama

Yes, I always have a list of excuses, pardon moi. Nanti la later saya continue balik. Hehe! 

Ought & must bathe them this week, come what may

Esok 27 Rejab! Kejap je kan? After Syaaban, bulan puasa pun muncul. Have you finished qadha-ing your puasa? I still have 3 more days to go & after esok, ada lagi 2 days left. Yayy! Tak nak jadi macam last year, last minute ginumo saya qadha. Haih! -.-'

If you've time, take a look at this article I found at halaqah.net & this article from iluvislam.com. Selamat berpuasa kawan-kawan! Take care!


{she-who-must-not-be-named} said...

kto xgaduh mano nak qada-ing our pohoso..huhuhu..pah last2 minute gak mula la sero nak jerit.

soleil_m said...

hahaha! true. lps tu baru la gaduh poso straight seminggu b4 bule poso :P

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