Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 11 - Something You Hate

Me looking {or more like pretending} so scared that I might flunk my paper 

The above picture was taken right after our elective paper, Insurance Law & Practice 11 on last May 10, 2011. The paper wasn't that hardcore hard but it was so confusing with a lot of issues to answer within 3 hours. My right hand got really tired because of the amount of words written on the answer scripts that there were times I stopped for a while {for nano seconds?} & felt like crying sebab tangan sakit & lenguh-lenguh. Wuwuwu!

Selepas keluar hall, muka sungguh lemau hinggakan chicken chop yang di makan di Pak Li Kopitiam selepas itu, tidak mampu saya habiskan -.-'  With a hope of Bangunan SSAAS, UiTM-hight, we prayed to God may Associate Prof Ramlah have a mercy on us


But I'm so grateful that I passed it though, Alhamdulillah

But really, failure is something I really hate or dislike or the least favoured or any word that could convey that I don't like it very much. But who doesn't, ayte?

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