Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Born Rich

Have you ever dreamed being born into an elite family, with family's fortune could make every thing that crossed your mind becomes possible? You attend a private school, have nannies attending your needs all the time, you even have your future planned for you before you are born

Maybe these young children of Russian oligarchs are the epitome of our dreams

"... they live in a secluded world. Some leave that world, to go to a public ballet school, for example. Their parents are attempting to make up for the Soviet times -- they only want the best for their children. They receive private language lessons, they go swimming or play tennis. The lives of these children are very planned and regimented. That forces them to grow up quicker." -Anna Skladmann, the photographer

{credits to Spiegel Online


ihsan_huhu said...

only to grow up to become ppl like najib tun razak. oops!

Diyana said...

Sounds pressuring but I guess I understand why their parents plan hidup diorang camtu, maybe to make sure that they won't grow up to be like Paris Hilton kot.

While they may have it all, they lack one thing: Freedom. Orang kaya camni of course kena ada bodyguard escort 24/7, jadual ketat, they can't really mix with people of different background (unless parents nak latih diorang hidup susah) and their future seakan2 set on stones. For example, kalau parents diorang own a company, for sure anak tu akan dilatih dan expected untuk mewarisi company tu.

Well, it is cool anyway. Nak pergi sekolah and university, tak yah mintak loan. Tak yah mintak scholarship. Bayar cash sudah. No hutang2.

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