Saturday, 16 July 2011


I should have been in my blanket now, cuddling & soothing myself to sleep but it won't be an easy job after drinking 3 mugs of coffee during dinner -.-' Mintak-mintak esok boleh bangun awal, biarlah bersesuaian dengan nama yang di beri

Anyway, this video that I found this evening at this blog caught my attention & for some reasons, it makes me smile. Hehe!

Nyaaaaa, instead of meowww! How cute is that?
And Arashi, can they be more talented that they already are? . .
I  love Japan {after Egypt & France} & anything related to it, especially its unique culture & language. And don't get me start on how hardworking its people are. Japanese language teachers at my secondary school dulu rajin-rajin semuanya & it was totally inspiring seeing them working so passionately in any projects they got to handle . .
When I just enrolled into my secondary school a few years ago {I refuse to specifically mentioned the year because it would only remind me how old I'm now. Lol!}, all Form 1 students were required to sit for 2 tests; jawi/basic arabic & english, simply to determine which class are we going to be in. At first, I was chosen for 1 Balqis {Arabic} & 1 Khadijah {Japanese} but made up my mind to switch to French class {1 Fatimah} because Eiffel Tower always fascinates me. And I didn't regret at all though because at least, I managed to pass my Dipl├┤me d'Etudes en Langue Fran├žaise {DELF} A1 & A2, write, speak & understand francais mais un peu! Alhamdulillah :D Eh, panjang la pulak cerita kan? -.-'
Tiba-tiba rasa nak mengimbau kembali kenangan ke Bon Odori last August at Stadium Panasonic S.Alam. Tiba-tiba rindu semua orang dalam gambar. Tiba-tiba kenangan lama berbondong-bondong menjelma kembali. Rintik-rintik hujan di luar pula menambahkan lagi reminiscing mode ini :') .
Klik di sini untuk mengusya. Sama-sama! 
Ok, mari lah tidur. Will be out for a shopping trip with the entire family tomorrow as the parents need to buy some stuff before they leave for Umrah this July 27 {InsyaAllah}, Kakak & the bro-in-law nak survey some stuff juga while me hanyalah penyeri suasana. That's what anak bongsu for ayte? Lol! Have a nice weekend people! Take care!  

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