Sunday, 17 July 2011

Would You Please Stop Being So Gorgeous?

I honestly think that I'm a very simple person

I don't dress up to impress anyone & I'm not a kind of person who keeps herself updated with current fashion & style. Ok la, maybe la ada influence from girlfriends once in a while but not to the extent of having whole new outfits replaced when any fashion wavelength hits the town

I also don't have any impressive make-up applied on my face but a thick cover of Safi Balqis cream & Lip Ice lip balm. My make-up skill is almost zero that every time I'm about to go out to meet some friends or just teman my Ma going to town, the most frequent question asked by Ma will be 'Dah pakai bedak ke?' or 'Pakai la bedak sikit. Pucat je' 


But it doesn't mean that I should stick to whatever I'm having or wearing now ayte? An injection of fresh look is needed, especially when I'm not getting any younger *coughs* year by year

Well, my main point is, I need a new purse to replace my old one! *screams in the pillow* I'd been using Ma's Carlo Rino purse for almost 2 months before getting some warnings from Kakak to return it as she initially bought it as a Mother's Day present to Ma. Tapi disebakan Ma sungguh kesian tengok anak bongsu tak ada purse yang sesuai, she let me borrowed it! Hehe!

So yeah, this is the purse/wallet I'm currently using... 

It screams the word 'Happy!' ayte?

No matter how much I adore my Cookie Monster wallet {bought this at one stall in KLCC about 2 years ago}, I should really move on with my life. I mean, wouldn't it look weird seeing someone almost a quarter-century old still having such a happy purse yang mungkin mampu merendahkan pungutan markah penampilan di hadapan mana-mana calon ibu mertua kelak? Lol!

I'm actually aching for this one very gorgeous red Carlo Rino purse that I saw at KB Mall this evening & couldn't stop thinking about her since. Gigih mek mengoogle gambarnya & akhirnya ketemu jua! So tadaaa!


The red one in the middle, would you please stop being so gorgeous? You're killing me :'(


ila ni said...

tu meme tahap dero jiwo batin dh tu suria~ arrhhhh nk jgk!!!!

soleil m said...

k'ila x po lah kijo doh. duit blana kona. sy ni studeng lagi ni, tehe mato je la T_T

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