Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 13 - Your Favorite Band Or Artist

I'm allowed to be greedy on my own blog, so I'm going to put them both; pictures of my favourite band & artist. Fair & square ayte? Hehe!

It started during a boring Law & Media class when I asked my colleague, Pijie out of random, "Eh, mung ado lagu best-best dok? Acu try bluetooth semeta". He then sent me a few songs & one of them is from Arctic Monkeys. Couldn't remember the title but it was really love at first listen {is there such thing?} & I've got hooked ever since! Whenever I was in dire need to fuel up myself doing work {at eleventh hour I may add. Tsk! -.-'}, a few hot mugs of Milo & Arctic Monkeys songs on the playlist were all things I wanted!

If you're still new to this English indie band, cer try dengar Mardy Bum, The Bakery {my all time favourite & even secretly wish someone would dedicate this song to me someday. Lol!}, Cornerstone, Too Much To Ask, Crying Lightning & You Know I'm No Good

An ethnic Persian born in Tehran, Sami Yusuf was raised in London from the age of 3 {source: Wikipedia} He was under the same record label, Awakening with Maher Zain before signing a contract with another record label prior to Awakening's breach of contract in 2009

His music video, Mother {made me cry several times!} & Healing are rapidly shown on Astro Oasis Ch 106 tapi now tak sure adakah sekerap dulu sebab Mawi & Akhil's Hambamu steals the show -.-' Selain daripada itu, saya juga suka In Every Tear, He's There, Hasbi Rabbi, Asma Allah & You Came To Me

Happy listening people! Especially the nasyeed ones lah. Huhu!

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