Sunday, 14 August 2011

Get Well Quick Asyraf Haziq

Dazed & confused, blood dripping from his mouth, Ashraf Haziq is encircled by thugs after being savagely beaten to the ground during the violence in London

From nowhere, an apparent Good Samaritan walks up & lends a hand to help heave the struggling & injured victim up from the pavement

Lowest of the low: The teenager continues to tend to the wounds on his face as thieves make off with the contents of his rucksack

Lawless: A robber shamelessly rifles through the teenager's bag as the young man stands bleeding from the face

Discarded: The robber, having taken the items from the teenager's bag, then casually throws them to the floor before strolling away

Aftermath: Mr Haziq is caught on camera moments later, standing confused & alone at the side of the street


From the video uploaded on Youtube & the amount of blood oozing from his mouth onto the pavement, I can say that it was such a painful blow! Kalau tak teruk, masakan rahang patah. Ouchhh! Poor boy, he was on his way with his friend(s) to have iftar when he was attacked & robbed randomly in Barking, London. Dugaan di bulan puasa :( Read more here & here

Get well quick Asyraf Haziq Rossli!
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