Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 16 - Someone Who Inspires You

It took me some times to figure who my inspiration is. Adakah kerana kurang motivasi? :(

I remember during one of the slots during the Finishing School programme a few months ago where we were required to choose something or someone who inspires us. Can you guess who I chose amongst many inspiring leaders, politicians, public figures etc?

I chose Cookie Monster, for God's sake! 

And it was totally embrassing {and shows how immature I'm. Pftt!} when one of my colleagues so confidently telling the whole class about how Lee Kuan Yew inspires her while someone chose Tun Mahathir's significant role in shaping future Malaysians & how he makes him/her determined to follow his excellency etc

Why Cookie Monster then? Because he's one determined fella & he will make sure he gets what he wants {which is nothing else but cookies} despite halangan & pancaroba, including being conned. Hahah! He's also one happy-go-lucky monster although not that cute as compared to Elmo {but look can be deceiving sometimes ayte?}. I don't know how he inspires me but I guess, I just want to be happy all the time & I hate turbulences. Does anyone here have 'Easy pills' that can make my life easy? :P

My parents are my all time inspirations, truth be told but that's another story. So does Prophet Muhamamd SAW, the most influential person in the history. I do have a local politician as my role model but you surely don't want yourself to be labeled as a typical Kelantanese *coughs* by your lecturer & friends, not in UiTM  especially *coughs* 

But seriously, I need an inspiration to be on par like my other cool colleagues -.-'

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