Monday, 8 August 2011

Of Being An Educated Housewife

I hope Mawar won't mind me putting this up

It may sound cliche but being a housewife is a very noble job to do, y'all! Well, provided that your husband has stable income to support the family. Hehe! My plan is, I'll work for a few years, get a few kids & then be a stay-at-home-mom nurturing them with lots of love! Amin..

Deep down inside, I think I'm going to be a strict mother with a long list of rules & regulations imposed to everyone without exception. That's how you make full use of your law degree ayte? Hehe!

Fad & Mawar; my two favourite seniors during their admission to the Bar last June
Both of them are now practicing lawyers at one legal firm at Subang Jaya. Sungguh cool!   

I've known Fad since 2003 & despite the heated debate {he was so mean back then!} that had led to our friendship, he's like a big brother to me, a very good listener at that. He would give me a call every time the result was out & made me tell him my result, specifically *cries* We had a fair share of storiessss & if you're in need of some feeds to blackmail me, he can be a perfect source, I must say. Lol! 

Anyway, he's going to be someone's fiancé after Raya! Woots! Congratulations Fad! Finally, after all the dramas kan? Hehe!

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