Tuesday, 9 August 2011


My neighbour's grandchildren, Haiqal & Qistina came to our house for majlis makan-makan before the Parents left for umrah 2 weeks ago. This was Haiqal's first sentence when he saw me that day;

Haiqal: Kak Cu kalau tak pakai tudung, muka macam kucin
Saya: =.='

I don't know whether I should take that as an honest compliment from a 6 year-old boy who still relies on his bottle to soothe him to sleep {haha!} but seriously Haiqal, did you see any mustache grown on my upper lips? *cries* Kids can be so honest with what they see & their surroundings ayte?

Speaking of which, meet 1 of my 5 cats slash my furry & demanding bf, Tommy!

He's fat & very hugableeeeee! Hobi dia ialah tidur di veranda, makan, bermain kejar-kejar bersama Odie Jr & Puteh, menjaga penampilan diri & the other 4 {he likes licking them. So caring this guy} & do things a normal cat will do

Anyway, do I seriously look like a cat? >.<

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