Thursday, 25 August 2011

What Have I Done You Wrong? {Siri Kedua}

Salam & hello, people!

This is my second attempt to blog via hp, after my post yesterday which is a big failure I may add. Penat mek mengarang berbaris-baris, namun apabila publish, hanya tajuk sahaja yang memunculkan diri. Lantas, menyebabkan mek telah mendownload opera mobile web browser yang baru #iklan

Anyway, something happened to my laptop yesterday afternoon. I was happily browsing the internet when suddenly Firewall Security Protection window popped up on my laptop screen & promoted its anti virus programme {since when they're into that business? Bukankah all this while sudah sedia ada in Windows?}

The next thing I know, I couldn't open any internet browser, be it Opera, Google Chrome & Internet Explorer & worst, couldn't launch any application & open any file at all!

O'oh, some mean viruses have decided to stop by & made my laptop as their playground, I suppose

Hopefully, the laptop {which hasn't had any official name even after 4 years under my care. Umar is a nice name for boy, so let's call him that. Hehe!} is in good hands of Kakak's office's technician. If not, I've to make muka kesian & ask for some advanced duit raya from the family & send Umar to 'nursery' T_T
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