Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lets Get Busy Before The Real Business Starts

Things that are currently clouding my mind;

# I'm not ready to begin my life as a LL.B student yet, mentally & physically. Donning in black & white from monday to friday for 2 semesters is an ultimate goal for most of us but what bothers me the most is will I survive? I really need something to boost my self-confidence, this isn't good :(

# I miss home, especially the comfort of my bed where I sail myself to Lalaland & build my own city made of dreams & hopes, secretly cry to sleep most of the nights & stare in the dark thinking of this & that 

# Nothing can beat the feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones no matter how bising they can be sometimes. Hehe! I also miss the security I've had around me, the feeling where you know no matter how ugly & sememeh you're in the morning {or all day long. Pftt!}, you receive no unfair judgment in return. Well, sometimes :P

# I really miss my cats. After almost 4 months being a cat nanny, saying good bye was so hard. Mama really miss you, kiddos. Don't grow up too fast please? :'( 

# Money is another issue. Marilah hidup secara berhemah semester ini {yeah right! Bukan ke tadi baru je splurged some money kat Vincci? -.-'} And makan Ayam Penyet Wong Solo sebulan sekali je maybe?

# Marilah hidup dengan lebih tenang & berdikari. Maybe I should stop listening to all those mushy jiwang auw auwww songs? 

# Pray on time & read al Quran no matter how busy I'm. Mati waits nobody & kita tak tahu macam mana nasib kita nanti kan? Take the incident happened to Along recently as an epitome, age is just a number really

# Istiqamah in things I do. Amin & InsyaAllah...

# Eat healthier. I've been trying to eat fish since awal Ramadhan tapi progress tak seberapa memberangsangkan. Does eating budu & keropok ikan count?

# Be moderate & live life to the fullest. Never afraid to make mistakes & learn from each of them. Be loud in the class {in a good way of course} & rajin-rajinkan diri. Lagi satu, be kind to everybody but expect nothing from them. Sincerity must come from a sincere heart ayte? :)  

# Stop being a shy mushroom, smile more & let's make more friendssss!

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