Monday, 5 September 2011

Of A kid Who Looks Like Her Granny

On the second day of raya, the pencuri kabel had thought that it was nice to put the TM Net guys into a busy mode again {after they did it several time before}, hence they did what they were best at which is ... *drums roll* mencuri kabel. Sigh!

Seriously, I don't know la what they have in mind. Depa dah tak fikir pasal dosa pahala la kot na? -.-'

Luckily, it was raya. So I kept myself busy with open house invitations, kenduris, makan-makan, watching 'Tolong, awek aku pontianak!' {which is quite ok I think? Sazzy Falak is so comel}, playing Dinner Dash, Bejeweled, Chuzzle, Scrabble & of course other raya activities

Anyway, we did balik kampung on the second day of raya {if you consider a 10-minute drive to the next kampung is a kampung} to visit arwah Mok's grave {Ma's mother} & other relatives. I've to admit, going back to kampung isn't that fun anymore since Mok's demise in November 2004

Al-fatihah to Arwah Mek Som Said

I remember being so angry at Kakak for telling everyone that I looked like Mok. I was probably only 5 or 6 at that time & to be labelled as a kid who looks like her granny was nothing but a pure insult of course. Hehe! Akan tetapi, semakin usia menganjak, it makes me realize that it was actually a compliment ab initio. Imagine having my kids ask me this question some time in the future;

"Mama/Ibu/Ummi/Mek/Mok/Mummy, arwah moyang muko lagu mano?"
"Muko supo Mama/Ibu/Ummi/Mek/Mok/Mummy la *angkat-angkat kening*"
"Wah, comeynyoooo!"

Ok, that's lame but you get my drift, don't you? Lol!
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