Friday, 23 September 2011

Rest In Peace, Adik

Missing these furry balls
From clockwise: Tommy, Adik, Odie Jr, Puteh & Citan

We lost Adik this evening due to unknown reason. Ma said it was just yesterday when he was so happy & active, running here & there with Odie Jr & Puteh, tapi pagi tadi tiba-tiba sakit & couldn't walk

Adik was our youngest cats among five, thus the nickname. It was quite funny to address a kitten by that name though, especially if the household consisted of people aged 21 & above but the name suits him very well for its petit body frame. Mek yang bongsu ni pun tak di beri gelaran itu di rumah. Huhu!

I don't have proper picture of him as he always got sick since he was born about 2 months ago. Pity Adik, baru je sihat dari sakit mata yang kronik. Walaupun selalu sakit & comot, Adik was one cute & manja kitten ♥ 

Rest in peace, Adik. Tqvm for coming into our life & we're really sorry if we couldn't cater the best for you. I'm going miss tickling your buncit white tummy & your big bulat eyes :'(
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