Sunday, 11 September 2011


Tomorrow is the day!

I don't know what I really feel now but a thing for sure the thought of having to punch card at 8 am & later at 5 pm cringes me! Terasa bagai wanita berkerjaya di situ. So, hello early showers at 6.30 am!

Honestly, I'm so scared. Ada senior cakap, there were even some people who quit after a week. Uh oh! Is LL.B that hard? Ya Allah, permudahkan urusan kami sepanjang 2 semester ini. Amin...

For now, let me enjoy being in my room, donning in my black SAF 2010 t-shirt & pink pant doing nothing while munching Cadbury Fingers. Nyums!

Or maybe I should start ironing all my black & white baju kurung for a week supaya tidak mengelabah di kemudian hari? I just dislike Sunday evening -.-'

Syairah, yours trully & Sue on our way back from Taklimat LL.B last Friday {tqvm Balqis for the lift!}
Check out our shiny oily face y'all!

Sue & Sue

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