Friday, 16 September 2011

To ♥ Me Is To ♥ Friday

Assalamualaikum & good morning, people! 

It's public holiday today & I'm as happy as my kittens being fed with Whiskers Jr cat food! Woots! People who don't love holidays probably come from a secluded area where holidays come 6 times a week. Hehe!

Anyway, I boarded to Lala Land quite early last night after my stomach decided that it was best to go on merajuk mode {read: gastric}. But I couldn't put my mind at peace thinking that I've 9 case summaries to be submitted this Monday & other workloads needed to be done as well. We'll be having Carpe Diem {induction day} with Part 2 LL.B seniors tomorrow, so satu hari dah burn di situ

So, here I'm harassing Lexis Nexis early in the morning, something I rarely did before. Or probably never did? :P Well, staying awake at 7:06 am during holiday is considered early according to Suria's Diary *coughs*

"In these 2 semesters, you'll read more cases than you did during 6 semesters of your BLS" - En Yunus

I should really leave this space, if not tak berjalanlah kerja mek. Tsk! Have a productive Friday people!
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